• Close-up of patient’s open mouth before oral checkup with mirror near by

To gain a better understanding of your overall dental health, Dr. McChristian will do a comprehensive exam during your initial visit.  This visit is essential in prioritizing treatment and determining what will be needed to help you attain and maintain a healthy mouth.

During the comprehensive exam, the chewing muscles are checked for tightness and/or soreness, and their function is evaluated.  The TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) is evaluated to see how it functions in relation to how your teeth fit together.  We screen for oral cancer by checking for sores or unusual areas or swollen nodules inside your mouth and on your head and neck.  We cannot diagnose cancer from this exam, but would refer patients to be evaluated or have a biopsy if something unusual is found.

We use digital x-rays (and may refer for various scans if necessary) to catch problems we can’t see with our eyes before the problems get bigger.  If your prior dentist has taken x-rays, you may request they forward them to our office. We find older x-rays beneficial for comparative purposes.

The health of your gums, teeth, and bone supporting your teeth will also be evaluated.  Often, we take intraoral photographs so you can see what we see and we can have a visual record of your mouth.

After gathering this information, Dr. McChristian will help you prioritize your dental treatment needs in conjunction with your individual desires and expectations.  Typically allow for about 90 minutes for this appointment.

We do recommend a comprehensive exam be done periodically. [highlight class=”white”]The American Dental Association recommends each patient have a comprehensive exam at their initial visit and every 3 years after establishing with a dentist.

Please assist us by bringing the completed forms from our New Patient Package ( we will make this an active link) to your initial visit.  Please alert our office prior to your initial visit if you have a medical condition that may be a concern (e.g. artificial heart valves, artificial joints, allergies) or if you require antibiotics prior to dental treatment.

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Close-up of patient’s open mouth before oral checkup with mirror near by


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